Tesla Model X

Prestige, safety, and sustainability redefined

Experience the epitome of luxury travel with a green tick of approval with our Tesla Model X. The luxury sports utility vehicle comes with a 300-kilometer range on a single charge and spacious interiors for comfort, accommodating six passengers and the driver while leaving generous space for your luggage and gear. 

The vehicle is the world’s first fully electric car and was designed for speed, going from a speed of zero to 100 km/hr in just 5 seconds while offering an unparalleled ride comfort for a smooth ride.  Its sleek body and character lines make it aerodynamically efficient for better performance while contributing to its prestigious minimalist appeal.

Key Vehicle Features

Zero emissions

At Luxury Chauffeur and Tours, our efforts are directed towards reducing environmental impact through sustainable luxury transportation. The Tesla Model X is fully electric, making it the perfect means of eco-friendly transportation without compromising on the quality of your ride or our services. 

Smart self-driving

Our Tesla Model X comes equipped with self-driving technology to enhance the performance of our experienced chauffeurs, allowing them to pay more attention to you as they cater to your needs. It also makes your ride safer by minimizing human error and the risk of collisions.

Ostentatious falcon wing doors

Unlike traditional vehicles, our Tesla Model X has falcon-wing doors designed for ease of access and enhancing the visuals of our vehicles for a luxurious appeal. The falcon-wing doors make it easy for our clients to get easy access to the rear passenger seats or get into the vehicle in tight parking spaces. 

Advanced safety features

The Tesla Model X was designed with passenger safety in mind. In addition to the self-driving feature, the vehicle has a lowered centre of gravity and reduced risk of rolling over thanks to its batteries mounted in the front and rear to stabilize it. It also absorbs impact efficiently, keeping you safe in the highly unlikely event of a collision. 

  Ready for an eco-luxury chauffeur service experience that is second to none?